Getting tours to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi

Mu Cang Chai is well known for the connect of hazardous paths spreading out for tens kilometers of interminable and primitive scenes, affected degrees of mountains and the quiet and smooth photo of ethnics’ homes secured by yard fields. Mu Cang Chai is found 180 kilometers far from Yen Bai city.

Getting brisk to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi, you can take neighborhood transport, private auto or motorbike.

This heading will show to you industry rules to get to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi and return

1. Travel to Mucangchai with Motorbike

On the off chance that you are a pioneer, motorbike is a not all that awful choice. There is a National Highway No.32 interfacing Lao Cai and National Highway No.37 collaborate with Tuyen Quang. Yen Bai is a travel exhibit for visitors going Mu Cang Chai.

2. Open transport from Hanoi to Yen Bai

Division Hanoi – Mu Cang Chai is 280km. The course condition is awful so you need to take around 1 day to land by transport. It’s ideal to check your landing day. You can purchase tickets at My Dinh station (in the event that you will begin from Hanoi) or Sapa Bus station. Hai Van transport line is mind blowing, clean vehicle and particularly it’s a famous brand among different transport associations.

If you take the local Bus from Ha Noi, please tell the driver that he has to stop at ĐỘI 1 NẬM KHẮT which is situated far from Lodge 5km,
that is meeting point where you can take motorbike taxi to go to Ecolodge

Option 1: KIEN HUYEN Bus departs at 14h15. – and at 21h45. this bus arrives at market Nam Khat which is far from Ecolodge 400m. The price of the ticket is around 300,000 vnd/ticket/ride. We will welcome you here and we will transport you to Ecolodge, it is free for this transportation

Option 2: Departure at 21h30. – Cuong Lan bus departs from Quang Ninh Bus Station and it will stop near My Dinh station – the driver’s contact: 0961347799 or 0961357799, it passes through Ha Noi all evenings at 21h30. and the next morning this bus arrives very early at Meeting Point: 5h30AM. If you want we can meet you here and transfer you to Ecolodge by car: Meeting Point- Ecolodge (the cost is 8 $ / way)

Option 3: Departure at 19h30. – Hung Thanh bus departs from My Dinh Bus Station – the driver’s contact in Ha Noi: 0969.53.57.57, it leaves Ha Noi every evening at 19h30. and this bus arrives at Meeting Point early the next morning: 2h30 Am. The price of the ticket is around: 250,000 vnđ (11 USD) / ticket / way. If you want we can meet you here and transfer you to Ecolodge by car: Meeting Point- Ecolodge (the cost is $8/way)

Option 4: Departure at 17h30. – Bus departs from My Dinh bus station – Driver contact in Ha Noi: 0981.15.25.25, leaves Ha Noi every evening at 17h30. and this bus arrives at Meeting Point around 1h00AM. The ticket price is around: 250.000 vnđ (12 USD) / ticket / way. If you want we can meet you here and transfer you to Ecolodge by car: Meeting Point- Ecolodge (the cost is 8 $ / way)

If you take local bus from Sapa  which leaves every morning at 8h30 AM, you should wait at Sapa Market, the driver knows well this place . You should pay the driver directly and show the correct name Nga Ba Kim or Doi 1 (these places are far from Mu Cang Chai center around 25km). From Sapa, you can ask the receptionist of your hotel to call the Bus Tuan Hue driver: 0915 560 480 (the ticket’s price 200,000 vnd): it departs from Lao Cai-Sapa- Than Uyen- Mu Cang Chai- Nga Ba Kim and Doi 1. Our meeting point at Đoi 1 Nam Khăt. If you want we can meet you here and transfer you to Ecolodge by bus: Meeting Point- Ecolodge (the cost is 8 $ / way)

Which bus do you want to take to return to Hanoi?

Option 1: After breakfast quite early, 6h30 AM. Our employee will transport you to the square (300m) where you can take the bus back to Hanoi, the Kien Huyen bus leaves at 7:00 am from Nam Khat market. And you will be at My DINh station (Ha Noi) around 2:30 PM.

Option 2: You continue to stay at Mucangchai ecolodge to explore until 11h30AM. and check out of your room, then you can wait around 13h45. we will drive you to our meeting point so that you can take the Cuong Lan bus (driver’s contact :0961347799 or 0961357799) which passes by around 14h00, and you will be in Hanoi around 21h00.

Option 3: You spend the day at the lodge and after dinner we transfer you to the meeting point (DOI 1 NAM KHAT) to catch the bus at 21h00. or another at 22h15

In case you want to go the other places please take the bus at 7h30 to go to Nghia Lo Bus Station then our guys will help you to take bus in according to your plan.

All ticket price is same as previous ticket from HANOI to MUCANGCHAI

For more information, please email your question to us at or on the way to Mucangchai Ecolodge (if you take the local bus to Mucangchai) if you need any assistance, please don’t don’t hesitate to call me. via mobile phone: +84989090908 or +84396.106.106

3. Prepare from Hanoi to Yen Bai city and take transport to Mu Cang Chai town

The trains for the most part pull back around evening time (7:40PM, 8:35PM, 9:10PM, 9:50PM) and touch base in Yen Bai prepare station in the early morning (4 – 5 hours).

Hanoi station has two passages. The fundamental passage masterminded at 120 Le Duan road, Hoan Kiem region, Hanoi. This Gate is generally speaking for South-bound arrangement. In addition, the Station B orchestrated at Tran Quy Cap road, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (generally speaking for North prepare to Sapa, Yen Bai).

Plan arrives Yen Bai in the early morning. It’s sensible to hold up until the late morning to stroll around this zone.

Transport from Yen Bai city to Mu Cang Chai Town

You should wake up before timetable, around 4:30 AM as you require breakfast before getting on a near to transport that leaves at 5.30 AM to Mu Cang Chai Town.

Note: The vehicle won’t stop for breakfast. Transports will pass and non stops.