The location is fantastic – on top of a little hill with a great view of the surroundings rice terraces, in every season you get new and different feeling. The staff is always there to help, no matter what you need. Also, they are trying to be eco-friendly, planting flowers and tress all over the place and also building the lodges by using the local architecture and materials. You feel among the locals, and you can have a true experience.

here you will have a true local experience, nothing fancy or upscale; strongly recommended for people who love wild nature and authenticity; great for photographers (in all seasons). Activities: trekking/hiking; riding motorbike (not for beginners); photo-shooting and filming; healthy and down-to-earth local life; fishing; meditating (you can find plenty of quite and natural spots where you can meditate);

Our guest give comments:

Mu Cang Chai Eco Lodge is gorgeous. The lodge is on stilts and made of all local wood. Inside is decorated beautifully and cosy. The lodge is very clean and comfortable. The views from our window were beautiful….mountains, terreced rice fields, water buffalo….it’s just stunning. The food at the restaurant was delicious and they offer a selection of different dishes with meal options. The staff are so friendly and always willing to help and arranged our pick up and drop off at the bus stop. There’s loads of walks to do around the area but it’s best to have a motorbike or to be able to drive one. As we can’t the staff organised 2 of the local men to pick us up and drive us to see the most incredible views of the rice fields from the mountains. It was an amazing day. I would recommend Mu Cang Chai Eco Lodge, it’s in the most beautiful spot away from all the hustle and bustle of tourism, to explore or chill out.
Location is absolutely fantastic, on top a small hill dominating the rice fields below. The landscape can change every minute making the place almost magical. Good beds and nice food. One of those places if you want to feel at home, while you’re in Vietnam.
The location is absolutely stunning, the lodge is surrounded by rice fields. You can easily wander around in the area and if you’re afraid of getting lost, a staff member will accompany you as your local guide. The hotel owner is friendly, cares about his guests and helps in every way he can to make your stay pleasant.
The homestay is located in a small hill where has many rice fields around, every morning you can hear the birds singing, the sound from water running, …… I enjoyed this homestay and I would like to recommend everybody comes here to stay if you are looking for some places that is peaceful, beautiful. The homestay also has a restaurant where you can find some local food or Vietnamese food. Breakfast is free. The owner is wonderful, he took care me like a family member and shared me everything. ” Friendly ” isnt enough to describe about him. He was a tour guide in the past so you won’t worry for your first visit Mu Cang Chai. Anyway, I love this homestay so much and I will return to stay again in nearest future.
The host was extremely welcome and the view from the breakfast/restaurant area is breathtaking Quite isolated though, but this is what people should look for travelling to Mu Cang Chai. This place is very quiet, rooms are nicely set up and comfortable – Vietnamese food is good and subtle.
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