Welcome to Mu Cang Chai EcoLodge Mucangchai Ecolodge was constructed from 11.2016 and ended on 15.7.2017. Wishing to build a comfortable lodge in the mountains without destroying the landscape as well as the impact on the natural and cultural environment, we sought to utilize and make use of available materials, The materials are still used by the Thai and H’mong ethnic groups. For example, all the frames, trusses, columns are of the Thai, the roof of the Hmong …. The campus of the MCC Ecolodge consists of 7 separate houses are made in the style of stilt house. Thai North West. Each house is named after the name of some local produce, simple and memorable: rice houses, pine houses, corn houses, tea houses … And the community house includes a restaurant named With such a simple name, we would like to be able to offer you the simplest message of Ecolodge: Experience at Ecolodge is: The real experience is accompanied by impressive, true feelings about services, scenery, culture and most importantly the people at Mu Cang Chai. In order to protect the natural environment, culture and people here, in addition to commitment to comply with the mission of quality service, hospitality and enthusiasm of staff; We would like you to work with us in the basic regulations as follows: 1) – Please DO NOT smoke in the room -> You can suck outside the room, in the garden, next to the whole tank with a wider space. 2) Please turn off the electrical equipment when leaving the room: we should save energy according to the global trend. 3) Please DO NOT drink coffee while you sit on a cushion and blanket: this is to prevent you from having to pay when bed utensils are stained. 4) Please DO NOT use towel, bath towel: this will help us save energy for staffs