Welcome to Mucangchai Ecolodge

Mucangchai Ecolodge started construction on November 11/ 2016 and finished on July 15/ 2017. With the desire to build a comfortable resort in the mountains without damaging the landscape as well as affecting the natural and cultural environment, we have sought to reuse and take advantage of available materials. , the materials are still used by the Thai and H’Mong ethnic people here. For example, all frames, trusses, columns are of Thai people, roofs of H’mong people…. MCC Ecolodge’s campus includes 12 detached houses made in the style of stilt houses of people. Northwest Thai people. Each house is named by the name of some local products, simple and easy to remember: rice house, pine house, corn house, tea house, Hmong house… And the communal house including the restaurant is located. The name is Son Tra, a special fruit widely grown here.. With such a simple name, we want to be able to introduce to you in the simplest way Ecolodge’s message: Experience at Eolodge are real experiences accompanied by real impressions and feelings about the service, scenery, culture and most importantly, the people at Mu Cang Chai. To be able to protect the natural, cultural and human scene here, besides committing to the correct operating principles by quality service, by the hospitality and enthusiasm of the staff; We expect you to work with us in the following basic rules:

1) – Please DO NOT smoke in the room -> You can smoke outside the room, in the garden, next to the water tank with a more open space

2) Please turn OFF electrical appliances when leaving the room: we should save energy according to the global trend.

3) Please DO NOT drink coffee while sitting on the bed with cushions and blankets: this is to avoid you having to pay when your bedding gets dirty.

4) Please DO NOT use towels or face towels to clean shoes: this helps us save energy for our staff.