Rice yards in Mu Cang Chai, look radiant enduring as the year progressed, despite when they are flooded by rainstorm storms. Be that as it may, just in the midst of the accumulate season, between the complete of September and mid-October, is their radiance in its prime. Splendid fields, which continue running along mountains and are highlighted by green woods, have ended up being conspicuous postcard pictures.

To can research more about the scene and culture of neighborhood in Mu Cang Chai, we endorse you 6 Things to do:

1. Ride on Motorbike at Mu Cang Chai

In case you have extraordinary prosperity, you could pick go to Mu Cang Chai by motorbike. There’s no better way to deal with contribution in there than riding a motorbike, in light of the fact that a substantial bit of scene is uneven range and proper to move by motorbike between towns. Riding on the winding passes, feel the free, the wind, see the survey of rice yards, even go 4×4 cavorting… or can stop wherever you require…

In any case, since it was a motorbike encounter trip, you have to prepare for long rides on a motorbike so better bring along some muscle creams or fixes to ease sore muscles. Pass on light however much as could be relied upon yet make sure to bring along coats, defy covers, glasses/shades, gloves (optional).

In case you don’t know to drive motorbike, don’t push, you could sit back our guide, they’re capacity driver and awesome guide. You could insinuate the Motorbike visit or Trekking Mu Cang Chai visits.

If you start from HaNoi, you should take the directiion as below:


2. One day be a Farmer Mu Cang Chai

A) Planting or Harvesting with close-by people in Mu Cang Chai. It’ll be uncommon inclusion with an expansive segment of voyagers, you’ll understand the work and hard presence of H’mong people.

B) help locals people to fix old house,  repairing drainage systems into plots, repairing houses, repairing the paths in the village, making toys for ethnic children

C) Motorbike tour, trekking tours, walking

D) Fishing at the streams with simple local tools
E) Harvesting rice, breaking corn with ethnic minorities, adding a hand to help local people, learning while doing

F) Talk to native people about their survival skills while they are in the forest alone and do not have adequate physical conditions such as trapping to catch wild animals, choosing water sources, choosing food, making fireExchange experience with indigenous people on survival skills while they have to be in the forest alone and do not have sufficient material resources such as trapping methods to catch wild animals, choosing water sources, selecting plants Produce, create fire for heating, seek refuge

3. Examine the Local Culture Mu Cang Chai

Visit H’mong’s homes in Mu Cang Chai, examine their life, take in the ordinary instrument or how to make pieces of clothing…

4. Playing with Children at Mu Cang Chai

Children in Mu Cang Chai are pleasant and perfect, they’ll be your manual for disclosure the rice patios, sing for you… They’re through and through various with adolescents in Sapa or some guest objectives, you won’t see the children following you and said “Money, money..” You’ll chance to play with authentic children, so fun.

5. Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge

Leave the luxury hotel or resort in the  modern city, let pick stay at Ecolodge and homestay with ethnic people in Mu Cang Chai. You’re managed as relative with delightful dishes, neighborhood blended drinks and cook with them.

To travel Mu Cang Chai, you could stay in Mucangchai Ecolodge, and you will have the opportunity to get real experience and real feeling.