At lodge, we have 9 bungalows which include 12 private room ( 8 double/twin room + 4 triple Room ), and we have one biggest house – communal house which has 17 bed ( 1m x 2m) ( you can see picture in gallery).

In the Double room: there are 2 bed: big one ( 2m x 2m) and small one ( 1m x 2m).Normally this room for 2 people or family but we also transform as triple room when guest demand . We can separate the big bed by 2 small bed ( 1m x 2m)

In the twin room: there are only 2 small bed ( 1m x 2m), sometime the guest require , we combine 2 bed by one big bed for couple

In the communal house there are 8.5 pavilions, the width of each 3.5 m, they are separated by curtain. In each room there are 2 single beds and we can make double bed when guests want. So overall in this community home, we have 17 single beds

All room we have the comfortable mattress 20cm, in this area we don’t need aircondition because its altitude is 1430m above sea level but in the winter time we have 2 fireplace at Son tra Restaurant.