Time of grain season generally speaking start from September 15 to October 20, however there’s a touch of advance every year. You can contact Mu Cang Chai Tours or moreover call couple of lodgings at there to ask the rice status, or leave your request in the comment range, We will find for you. If you can’t visit on the grain season, you can visit on May to August, when H’mong people start sowing, to visit green yards, to a great degree incredible also.

In the gather time of the rice trim, pilgrims take the visit to Mu Cang Chai from late September to early October to see and take photographs of deluges of terraced rice fields, as this is the time when the fields hand mind blowing yellow and shimmer over their fullest eminence. This is in like manner the time when the fields end up being stacked with life as H’Mong ethnic minority farmers in their regular garments collect the prepared rice grains, and shoulder packs of the natural item home through mountains and slants and furthermore over swinging suspension ranges. It is run of the mill to see ethnic minority mothers use texture as a support to pass on their children on their back when they are procuring paddy in the fields in the northwest of Vietnam. Posterity of the farmers continue running all over in the fields, chatting with their people and laughing tuned into the joy of their people in the midst of the accumulate season.

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